Galaxy S8 issues resolved by Galaxy S9

Yet to be launched, a new flagship from Samsung, having 5.8” edge-to-edge display of 4K AMOLED screen. Yes, we are talking about the next beast Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone; likely to be released in late March. Here, you can get all the up-to-date information about this new Koreans’ flagship Galaxy S9 based on Investors’ reports and some tittle-tattle but before that, let’s start with a little review of Galaxy S8/S8+ so that you could analyze what more we can expect from Samsung via Galaxy S9.

Stunning Display and Interphase

We tested the water resistance of the GS8 and GS8 +

The GS8 and GS8 + are profiled to become smartphones of the year. We have the sections of the design, screen quality, performance and photography as the most outstanding, but also without leaving behind the software and autonomy; we can consider these South Korean mobiles as the roundest in all respects. No doubt, Galaxy S8/S8+ with its amusing features have got a huge success but if we bring the topic of upcoming Galaxy S9 to light, the smartphone is perfect among all its predecessors. The Korean reports suggest that this rocking smartphone Galaxy S9 has a 5.8” edge-to-edge AMOLED 4K screen covering 95% Screen to body ratio; hooded with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 will fulfill all your desires of having a strong, smooth, ultra-fast, gaming smartphone with its dynamic Hardware and latest Android Version 8.0.

Hardware of Galaxy S9

If in addition to all this we add its resistance to water, the capacity of S8/S8+ that we also tested slightly, we have a pair of smartphones that manage to make forget the users that Samsung once had a stumble as big as Note 7. Hope, Samsung will follow the same trajectory and bring the next Korean flagship Galaxy S9 in a more solid, energetic form. According to the industry insiders, the S9 flagship will be blessed with a dynamic Hardware consisting of Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor, Exynos 9810 chipset built on 7nm FinFET chipset and Adreno GPU.


Moreover, the price of the GS8 is 17,299 pesos (its older brother reaches 19,699 pesos), an amount very similar to the price of LG G6 ( 16,999 pesos ) and HTC U11 ( 17,439 pesos ), which is why we have a device that Competes in all aspects and whose choice depends entirely on the possibilities, tastes, and needs of each user. The expected cost of upcoming thrifty smartphone Galaxy S9 is about 1014USD and device deserves every dollar of this.


Every new unique feature of Galaxy S9 will rock the next year and the Non-Removable Li-Ion 4500mAh battery capacity is one of the best features of this Galaxy S9 smartphone. Everyone will have their opinion, but personally, the Galaxy S8 is the best smartphone of this year I’ve tried so far because it is a smartphone balanced in almost all aspects, which achieves an ideal balance for day to day and we wish the same for upcoming Galaxy S9.


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